Custom Promotion: Chicago’s Best Engagement Photo

To drum up mass excitement around Steve Quick Jeweler, we developed a custom social contest and offered the owner of the Best Engagement Photo in Chicago a $1,000 gift card and the chance to see their amazing photo displayed on a Chicagoland billboard for all to see.

The Doola team built 12x different audience sets and targeted ads across Facebook & Instagram directing back to a custom submission page. We were able to narrow in on ideal groups for this theme like “couples engaged in the past 6 months”, “couples engaged in 6-12 months”, and even a matched audience of 5,400 of the client’s previous customers. 

In the end, the contest brought in 149 incredible photo submissions and over 500 organic votes. From an underwater scuba proposal to the classic Chicago river walk, every submission was worthy of a win.

We spread love throughout Chicago among people of all races, sexualities, and economical standings during a much needed time for our city.

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