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Real Estate Virtual Tour Options in 2020

Real Estate Virtual Tour Options in 2020 Selling homes is a process.  What if you could shorten the sales process? How can you maximize current technology to help your business? What would you do with the extra time in your week? Virtual tours are constantly evolving...
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I’m Loving Event Response Ads

I'M LOVING EVENT RESPONSE ADS Ever been scrolling on Facebook and happened to see something like “Johnny is interested in the 8th Annual Cupcake Eating Competition”? Maybe it’s not as exciting as that… but what you’ve seen is someone respond to a company’s Facebook...
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I’m All In On Messenger Bots

I'M ALL IN ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOTS In the 1990’s, AdWords was the go-to bucket for investing your marketing dollars. In the 2000’s, the fight for visibility took off and SEO companies moved into the spotlight. In the 2010’s, fortunes were made as businesses...
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LinkedIn Ads Are Where It’s At

LINKEDIN ADS ARE WHERE IT'S AT When you bring up LinkedIn ads to most in the marketing industry, the usual response you hear is “aren’t they really expensive?”  Yes they’re expensive… But they should be! Where else can you pinpoint your ads to an exact list of...
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The Secrets To A Great YouTube Ad

THE SECRETS TO A GREAT YOUTUBE AD How do you reach your customers in a day and age when attention spans are short, viewing is fragmented, and there seems to be a new marketing platform to use daily? Let me introduce you to YouTube and YouTube’s Keyword Targeting...
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