John Bach

John Bach

Creative Director

How do you reach your customers in a day and age when attention spans are short, viewing is fragmented, and there seems to be a new marketing platform to use daily?

Let me introduce you to YouTube and YouTube’s Keyword Targeting feature… Basically, if you type a certain phrase into Google, we can target video ads to you next time you log onto YouTube. Cool, right?

A few examples:

🦷 If you’re a Med Spa, you can target video ads to potential customers in your zip code searching Google for “coolsculpting near me”

🏠 If you’re a Real Estate Broker, you can target potential homebuyers in Chicago who are searching for “homes for sale” or “zillow”

🍕 If you’re a pizza restaurant, you can target potential customers around your store who have searched Google for “best pizza near me“..

Great John – I’m in. How do I do it? The barrier to entry is a video and that’s where most people get stuck. Want to know how to create a video ad that people will engage with? Rely on the human element and be relatable to the viewer.

I recently attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and got to sit in on a talk from Tom Breeze, CEO of YouTube ad agency, Viewability.

I decided to combine what I learned from Tom’s talk with my own years of video production experience and present to you…

The 5 Keys To A Successful YouTube Ad:

1) Hook – You need the attention of the viewer as soon as the video starts! Don’t waste time saying “Hi I’m John Bach from Doola and I love making videos” – at this point you’ve already wasted 5 seconds. Get creative here, callout the customer immediately, start fast, use humor.

2) Educate – What do they need to know right away about what you’re offering? Call out the product or service and why it’s going to help the potential customer. Keep it simple and easy to understand here.

3) Pain Point & Emotional Connection – This is important in every ad. Why would the viewer need your product? What makes your product a must buy? What could be stopping the viewer from purchasing? Be human and connect with the viewer.  

4) Action Plan & Value Proposition – This is where you show them how they can take action and provide the offer. For example, this item costs $1,000 but we can help you with 4 payments at $250. Additionally, emphasizing the lifetime value of the product is a good strategy here. How long will it last? Show the VALUE in what you’re promoting.

5) Exit & Call To Action – Alright, time to close the deal! Get the viewer to click or leave with something big on their mind! The ending is the last impression you have with this customer at this stage in the journey. One huge takeaway from Tom’s talk was how to optimize creative for more clicks. Tom and Viewability found that simply putting a countdown timer of 5…4…3…2…1… at the end of your videos can increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) dramatically. ‍‍

Tom also provided us with some baseline rules for running a YouTube campaign:

✅ Aim for a 2% CTR on YouTube

✅ Best performing video length is around the 1:30 mark

✅ Run 6 different ad variations to determine the best creative

If you’re interested in running a YouTube campaign for your business, shoot me a message and let’s get started!

John Bach