Zach Dulla

Zach Dulla

Director of Digital Strategy

In the 1990’s, AdWords was the go-to bucket for investing your marketing dollars. In the 2000’s, the fight for visibility took off and SEO companies moved into the spotlight. In the 2010’s, fortunes were made as businesses capitalized on a proper Facebook ads funnel…

Now as we approach the 2020 mark, we’re entering the newest movement of this ever-changing marketing industry… Messenger Bots.

In the next 5-10 years, Messenger Bots are the largest window of opportunity in the digital industry. That’s how Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith put it simply as she spoke on-stage this past week at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. As it stands now, only 300,000 of 90M businesses are using bots in their social media strategies.

Messenger Bots are used to guide a consumer through an instant brand journey within Facebook Messenger and on your website. Whether that be to learn something about your company or industry, take part in a special promotion, claim something of value from your business… bots can be used to inform, sell, grow, and assist your brand. The possibilities are endless.

When I was at the conference, I made sure to go see Molly Pittman’s session (Former VP of DigitalMarketer turned star paid social influencer). She spoke on the topic and displayed a variety of case studies that put the local and e-commerce possibilities of bots in a better perspective… 

🍕A local pizza restaurant leveraged a Facebook Messenger Bot strategy to give away a free small pizza of the participant’s favorite topping. They generated $141K in annual revenue impact from just $11K spent in Facebook ads used to target the bot to prospective customers. 

💄An e-commerce make up store used a Messenger Bot to guide consumers to claim a limited time, 10% off coupon. They spent $60K in Facebook Ads to push out the bot and generated a $366,000 return.

🦷 A local orthodontist developed a Messenger Bot to develop new consultation bookings. They were able to start conversations with 1,135 local consumers and get 335 of them to book an appointment with no internal follow up needed.

Most businesses are unaware that growing your Messenger List is alike growing an email list. Once a consumer engages with your bot, they‘re immediately subscribed to your Messenger List. Advanced integrations like Website Chat Support and Messenger Subscribe Buttons throughout your site can also be used to take a 360 approach to growing your Messenger List.

At any time, you can broadcast to your Messenger subscribers just like you would sending an email to your email list. To give you a broadcast example from Molly’s session…

👙A 1-location Waxing Studio had generated 500 Messenger subscribers from previous efforts. With a simple broadcast of a sale bot to these 500 subscribers, the studio was able to generate $1,589 of new profit in 1 week.

As consumers grow tired of the endless “opt-in” requests and as email gets more crowded by the day, the importance of a Facebook Messenger strategy begins to shine through.

Outside of growing your Messenger List, bots can also be developed to extract a lead’s email address and phone number from the conversation. When developing, you can automate the integration between Messenger and your email platform (i.e. MailChimp/Constant Contact) so when someone submits their email or phone within the conversation, their information is zapped directly into a specified list or funnel. Messenger Bot Expert, Natasha Takahashi, shared that she sees averages of 70% email opt-in ratesand a 52% phone number opt-rates from her bot conversations that ask for contact information. 

Another key to a successful bot strategy falls at the “Bot To Human Handoff” stage. Ideally, you can get a consumer all the way down the funnel from awareness to lead/purchase within the automated conversation. But sometimes, the prospect may have a specific question for your company or they may not feel comfortable with the automation… When this is the case, a properly set up Messenger Bot can send the page admin an automated text or email notifying them when to step in and help out. The internal follow up structure with the most immediacy here will win!

To sum it up, Bots are the NOW for immediate engagement for any business out there. They can be used to inform consumers of new sales, answer general questions, qualify leads, display relevant products, outreach to new potential hires, all the way down the list to just . display weekly specials and the menu for a takeout restaurant… The possibilities end where your creativity does!

If you‘re interested in building a Messenger Bot for your company, contact the Doola team. You can contact me directly at z@doola.biz.

Thanks for reading! 

Zach Dulla, Digital Strategy @ Doola