Zach Dulla

Zach Dulla

Director of Digital Strategy

Ever been scrolling on Facebook and happened to see something like “Johnny is interested in the 8th Annual Cupcake Eating Competition”?

Maybe it’s not as exciting as that… but what you’ve seen is someone respond to a company’s Facebook event.

In 2018, Social Bakers audited over 3,500 Facebook ad accounts and the “Event Response” objective didn’t even make it on the distribution chart. It fell into the 3% “Other” bucket while Post Engagement sat on top at 37%, Link Clicks at 19%, and Video Views/Conversions tied for third at 9%.

Most businesses today aren’t capitalizing on this objective and are missing the opportunity to tie event campaigns together into a long term marketing strategy.

No, I’m not talking about the boost button within your Facebook event page. I’m talking about Event Response objective ad campaigns in Facebook Business Manager.

With these campaigns, you can actively approach growing your attendee list for ticketed and free events. You can set up a series of ads aimed at segmented audiences and encourage them directly to RSVP to your event. Once they click Interested on your ad, you can nurture them through organic posts as the big day approaches.

Depending on if you have a one time event or a series, you can set up a single or recurring campaign. With the recurring campaigns, you can schedule out each date within your event and snowball your audience into one attendee list over the course of your series. There are two huge advantages to this recurring set up – 1. You build social proof by growing one massive audience pool (large response numbers catch eyes and evoke credibility). And 2. You keep potential attendees in the campaign for a longer lifespan.

For example, let’s say you’re a workout trainer and decide to offer free summer workout classes every Monday in June… If you run a recurring campaign, the person who clicked interested and attended the June 3rd class will still be notified for the June 10th, 17th, and 24th class.

While this strategy can successfully stand alone, it’s the long term play that most businesses aren’t capitalizing on here…

🔑 Once someone has clicked interested to one of your events, they’re now targetable in all of your future Facebook or Instagram advertising efforts. Whether that be for the same event next year or for other campaigns, they’re permanently available as a custom audience to your business. Similar to how you build an email list or Messenger subscriber base, this is like building your company’s long term event list.

At Doola, we’ve used these Event Response Campaigns for a variety of different industries…

🎵 Entertainment – We ran a series of event campaigns that drove traffic to musical events at an entertainment venue. From free rock concerts to free country concerts, we were able to target unique groups of music enthusiasts and enter them into their respective event campaigns.

Cost Per Response: $0.40-$0.60

⚾️ Sports – To drive season long traffic to one of Chicago’s professional softball teams, we set up a recurring event campaign and loaded every game time into the campaign. The call to action was to RSVP and be notified prior to each game – it played like a season schedule reminder for fans!

Cost Per Response: $.90 – $1.10

🏠 New Home Sales – To drive traffic to a home development neighborhood, we launched a series of special savings events and brought local buyers in on a Saturday afternoon for tours of models and pizza.

Cost Per Response: $3.00 – $3.50

🥃 Retail – We leveraged a series of paid whiskey tasting events to bring in new customers to a chain of high end spirits stores.

Cost Per Response: $1.50 – $3.00

📝 Mortgage – To develop new homebuyer leads, we promoted an in-person first time buyer seminar that took place in downtown Chicago at a luxury restaurant after work.

Cost Per Response: $5.00 – $10.00

🗿Educational Seminars – We worked with a banquet hall to drive ticket sakes for a very niche series of historical seminars. The key to success here was creative interest targeting and relevant ad copy for each audience group.

Cost Per Response: $2.00 – $3.00

💼 Conferences – We leveraged a single event campaign to drive ticket sales for an annual nationwide industry conference. By uploading their email list into a Custom Audience, we targeted ads directly to attendees from past years and brought them into the loop for 2018’s event.

Cost Per Response: $7.00 – $10.00

For some events, these campaigns are a two step process. When there’s a ticket involved, you need the consumer to respond to the event on Facebook and then take the next step and purchase a ticket. In this case, Facebook allows you to integrate with ticket providers (I.e. Eventbrite) and make it possible for attendees to purchase directly from the event without leaving the platform. It’s an amazingly simple customer journey and all data flows directly from Facebook into your Eventbrite account and email funnel.

To tie a ribbon on this, Facebook Event Campaigns are an underused way to drive traffic to ANY event. If given the necessary attention and budget, this could be your most efficient long term strategy to “schedule foot traffic” into your business.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about event campaigns or anything social advertising, you can reach me directly at z@doola.biz. See more of our event campaigns at www.doola.biz.

Zach Dulla